Town Of Jewett

Town Clerk - Maya Carl

Town Clerk

Maya Carl

Jewett Municipal Building
3547 Rt 23C P.O. Box 132
Jewett, NY 12444
518 263-4646 x1

The office of Town Clerk, in the historical tradition, serves as a direct link between the residents and their local government.  Whether issuing licenses, performing duties mandated by law or serving as a major source of information, the Town Clerk is your doorway in the community.




1) Marriage licenses
a. Must be 18 years old
b. Proof of age - must provide 2 forms of ID. Drivers license, non drivers license, birth certificate, baptism certificate, or passport
    If either party has been divorced then divorce papers must be shown
c. If either party is widowed then a death certificate must be shown
d. License fee is $40.00
e. Licenses are not usable for a 24-hour period but are usable for 60 days thereafter.

2) Conservation licenses are available in the Town Clerk's Office

3) Dog licenses required for dog's 4 months and older
a. A current rabies certificate required
b. neutered or spayed certificate required
c. un-neutered or un-spayed fee is $25.00 per year
d. Neutered or spayed fee is $14.00 per year.


4)Notary Public

The Assistant to the Supervisor is a Notary Public and the service is available at no cost to Town residents, hours for notary public is Monday - Thursday 9am-2pm.

5) Handicapped Parking Permits

Handicapped permits can be obtained from the Town Clerk. You first need the proper form from the Town Clerks office for the Doctor to fill out. The form is returned to the Town Clerk and a parking permit can be issued at no cost.

6) Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates

The cost for a certified Marriage, Birth, or Death Certificate is $10.00.
Genalogy information is a $22.00 fee.

Please check out our new Jewett Dog Page, where owners of licensed dogs that are residents of Jewett can post thier picture. 
Hours of Operation:

Open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00


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