Town Of Jewett
MTC Potential Customers

NOTICE for potential MTC Customers

The PresentationSaturday the 15th at the Lexington Market by the staff of MTC was thorough and much appreciated.


Those Jewett residents who are on the routes  listed below and who were unable to attend the presentation, are strongly urged to contact MTC if they have questions or definately wish to sign up.



MTC Cable, a subsidiary of the Margaretville Telephone Company, will commence construction of a new fiber optic network into the approved project area within the Town of Jewett this September. The new fiber optic facility will offer broadband, cable television, telephone, and business class Ethernet services to residents who are currently unserved with broadband service. The project area will generally extend along the following routes:


            NYS Route 23A from Lexington Town Line to Maplewood Cemetery

            Greene County Route 17 from 23A to 23C

            Cloos, Koss, Little Timber, Carr and Silver Springs Roads


Completion of the network will occur in phases extending from 4th Quarter of 2018 through the 3rd Quarter of 2019. Residents who are considering subscribing to one or more of the services offered by MTC are encouraged to examine the route of their existing utilities (electric and telephone wires) into the home to determine if they are run overhead (aerial) or are buried to the side of the home. If the existing utility wires are aerial to the side of the home, no action is necessary at this time. If your current service cables are buried, there are generally three (3) options that are available to you for the installation of the new fiber optic cable:


1.      An underground conduit may already be in place and sufficient in size to allow MTC Technicians, or a qualified electrical contractor, to pull a new cable into the home.

2.      A new conduit will need to be installed from the service pole to the side of the home. It will be the responsibility of the home owner to have the conduit buried. MTC will supply the conduit and other drop cable related material.

3.      In some instances, an aerial cable may be placed in lieu of the underground service (temporarily or permanently). This is dependent upon cosmetic appeal, distance, rights-of-way, and ability to maintain adequate clearances. (Additional limitations and conditions may apply).


Residents with underground utilities are encouraged to contact the MTC Customer Service Center at 877-727-2288 to schedule a site-survey to determine the best option for installation.

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