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Jewett Scenic Byway


JEWETT, with a population of around 1,000 within its 50 mile perimeter, is an un-gentrified gem nestled against the Catskill Forest Preserve, sits in a rolling, narrow valley along the Eastkill Creek. Above it rise Black Dome, Thomas Cole and Black Head Mountains, three of the tallest peaks in the Catskills, with two trailheads right in town.   The Jewett Range parallels a drive on Route 23C in the center of the Town.  Jewett's weekend athletes hike miles of rugged paths in the forest preserve designated by the state as forever wild. Their less ambitious counterparts scout auctions and antiques and yard sales and shop for fresh produce, eggs, Angus beef and maple syrup at local farms.  They all may enjoy beautiful Colgate Lake in East Jewett, or bicycle the winding country roads.

Jewett which was first settled around 1784 and formed in 1849 and was named for Freeborn G. Jewett, who was the first chief justice of the New York State Court of Appeals, is in the center of Greene County in an area that residents call “The Mountaintop”. The town is entirely within the Catskill State Park, which continues south and west for 700,000 acres: 42 percent of the park is protected forest preserve and the rest is owned by private citizens and organizations. While only 22 percent of Jewett consists of forest preserve land, the whole town is subject to development restrictions as part of the New York City watershed, and there is protective local zoning as well which help maintain Jewett’s rural character and gorgeous vistas. 

 Bottom of FormIn summer, classical music concerts are held in the Grazhda, or parish hall, of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church. This impressive structure was built in 1962 without nails, in the style of the Carpathian Mountain highlanders.

In keeping with its rural, small town character, Jewett residents put together their vision when creating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan over a decade ago:

 A clean, healthy and sustainable natural environment.

 Good roads.

 An open, responsive, and competent town government.

 Small businesses consistent with the rural character of Jewett.

 A diversity of housing available to all income levels and ages.

 A friendly, neighborly community with high community involvement and spirit.

 An engaged community with a high level of civic pride.

 A mix of ages and income levels as residents.

 Quality public services and amenities.

 A community that integrates primary and secondary homeowners.

 A small but active agricultural base that contributes to the economy,


Strengths of Jewett include: Beauty and rural character, Quietness, Cleanliness, Friendliness, Presence of Planning and Zoning, Low crime, Privacy, Trails, Forests, Wild animals, Fresh air and water, Mountains and views, Sporting opportunities, Limited government, Low or reasonable taxes, Resort and recreational facilities, Accessibility to New York City (126 miles).

Get out of the car and stop for a bit!

The Town of Jewett contains over 7,000 acres of state-owned, forested lands, including Colgate Lake Wild Forest. These lands contain many recreational trails which access ridge lines and mountaintops with stunning views, as well as deep forests and glacially carved valleys with cool mountain streams.  The presence of the “forever wild” Catskill Park lands ensures that Jewett will always have an ample supply of open space and forested mountains as its backdrop. Among the most significant scenic mountain features are The Blackhead Range: Black Dome / Thomas Cole mountains to the east of the town; Cave / Tower Mountains, Patterson Ridge, and Round / Van Loan Hills to the north of the town; Evergreen / Rusk / West Kill / Hunter / Onteora / Parker Mountains and the East Jewett Range to the south of the town.

Choose your Proposed Byway trip through Jewett!!

A.       Straight run continuing on 23 A from Village of Hunter.

We begin on a piece of the existing Mountain Clove Scenic Byway on NYS Route 23A heading west as it exits the Village of Hunter and enters our Town of Jewett.  This route is one of the most picturesque of the proposed Byway as the Hunter Mountain Range spans the left with the Schoharie Creek winding parallel to the road for the entire drive.

 On the Left is the Deming Road Bridge that affords access to the Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl (Hunter North Expansion). Five new trails, a new ski lift and a new large parking area provide access to the entire ski resort. Also located on Deming Road is the local business Mountain Sun Workshop. It is here that Master Craftsman Paul LaPierre can be found creating things of beauty which include the finest cabinets, custom furniture and architectural woodworking projects. Continuing on 23A we enter South Jewett and are treated to breathtaking views and great photo ops of the towering peaks located within the Rusk Mountain Wild Forest section of the Forest Preserve which you will also see on the left.

 Continuing on our journey west we pass the Hunter Mountain Resort Hotel, then the historic Maplewood Cemetery.  This Cemetery was incorporated back in 1891 and is home to 4,700 grave sites on about seven and one quarter acres of land.

Continuing west, the road passes over the Eastkill creek, just upstream of the confluence of the Eastkill and Schoharie Creeks (both essential to the Catskill watershed) and will then pass the Xenia Hotel. also on our left.

A favorite tourist attraction will soon appear on the right.  St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church.  This is the home of the timber-framed Basilica and Bell Tower and also the location of the Grazhda Music and Art Center.  This famous Center hosts concerts, Ukrainian craft workshops and art exhibits throughout the year.

Shortly after this site will be a spot on the left to stop and stretch a bit, the Schoharie Creek Fishing Access and Parking area.

The 23A trip through the bucolic and pristine Town of Jewett will end shortly as you cross over the town line and enter the Town Of Lexington.

B.      County Route 23C proposed loop through Jewett

 The Town of Jewett may also be accessed by taking a well-invested detour by making a right turn off 23A in the Village of Tannersville at the light on Main Street before the Tannersville Post office (Hill Street to 23C). Heading north on this existing section of the Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway will take you past the Mountaintop Arboretum in Tannersville on the Right where you will shortly arrive at a junction, at the Stone Church (All Soul’s Church) where you will bear left and continue on Route 23C passing into the Town of Jewett.  

Now you will be driving west on 23C downhill.  Passing the Quilted Barn on the left and then the East Jewett Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Colgate Lake Road will be on the right.  Colgate Lake is a scenic mountain lake and a nice place to park and walk around taking in the beauty of this lake area amidst the mountains. Colgate Lake Wild Forest is a state owned Forever Wild recreation area that is a prominent destination containing a beautiful pristine lake. It is popular with swimmers, canoeists, kayakers and paddle boarders.  The newly reconstructed dam was recently added.

Heading back out continue right on 23C going over the Eastkill Creek.  As the road curves, Boy Scout Road will be on the right which leads to Camp Trimont Boy Scout Reservation. Founded in 1946 this 500 plus acre Boy Scout Camp has earned a reputation for providing one of the North East Regions finest Summer Camp Programs. 

The drive through this area of East Jewett on 23C is one of the local favorites as it parallels the Eastkill Creek on the left and affords a spectacular view of the East Jewett Mountain Range just beyond and continuing the entire trip through East Jewett.

Passing the Shadow Mountain Bridge adorned with our beloved American Flags, you will shortly arrive at the intersection of Scribner Hollow Road.  A very short left turn will reward you with a local farm on the right, Scribner Hollow Farm, open June through October, it is family owned and operated with a wide range of herbs and fresh produce, jams and jelly preserves as well as fresh eggs and flowers, and Maple Glen Farms, with local maple syrup which is located on the left.  Both are open to the public seasonally and well worth the stop.

Back tracking to 23C we continue west passing our historic East Jewett United Methodist Church on the right and our HUGE AMERICAN FLAG MEMORIAL (Tom Hitchcock) on the left.

Then you will approach a real photo opportunity and if you bring a cooler stop in to purchase fresh cuts of Angus beef steaks.  Farber Farm JJF Farms Black Angus Cattle.

This farm is one of the most picturesque in the entire area, with white and green gabled barns it is a 1,000-acre working Angus cattle farm, with a backdrop of forest, mountainside and winding roads and streams, creating a sense of tranquility, the Jewett Range and the Eastkill creek on the left, this lovely farm and cattle with resident mule on the right.  Plenty of space on the shoulders to stop and take some great photos

As you drive down 23C passing into Beaches Corners you will see our Municipal Town Hall and Highway Department and then local business, C and C Excavating on the left. 

(County Route 23C intersects NYS Route 296 at this point.  If you head left it takes you to the Village of Hunter and 23A and if you turn right it will land you in Hensonville and then the Town of Windham.)

But we will continue west on 23C crossing over 296. Shortly you will pass the Towner or Eastkill Cemetery #1 on your right. 23C will eventually veer left at the Stop Sign. Continue to the Jewett Post Office on the right. A short side trip on County Route 17 to the right will bring you to the Jewett Heights Cemetery, The Jewett Fire Department and The Historical Presbyterian Church Complex on the left. Continue left on the proposed Byway to remain on Route 23C and see Kerns Nursury on the left. Stop by to see the lovely landscaping displays, gardens and gift shop or sit and have a cup of tea.

23C will quickly become a bit of a mountain road at this point and you will pass two sets of hairpin turns.  A short detour to the right on Merwin St will take you to the breathtaking Adena Orchard and Vine Wedding Venue on the right.   Another great photo opp as this lovely site is backed by the majestic west end of Hunter Mountain ski bowl. Backtrack to the proposed Byway and continue right on 23C.

Travel on County Route 23C and pass the scenic Soule Farm on the left as you will soon conclude the Jewett portion of the proposed Scenic Byway as you pass into the Town of Lexington.

Thank You and Please Come Back and Visit with Us Again!



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